Cyber Security, WiFi, and Technology PM Professional Services

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Cyber Security

 CISSP-oriented cyber security training.


Ekahau Certified Survey Engineer Services.  Predictive designs; Pre- and post-deployment site surveys; Troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues; Spectrum (interference) analysis; Reporting  

Technology PM

Services based on Project Management Institute, ITIL, and six sigma best practices. 



Julie Gutierrez, General Manager, Integrity IT Solutions

"I trust MatrixPM to make solid business decisions and manage risks. As a leader that has more than one area of responsibility, I appreciate MatrixPM's ability to adapt. I worked with MatrixPM on several complex multi-disciplined, highly visible projects that were six months and year long. This is not an easy task since most projects, after a while, the sense of urgency fades. But not with MatrixPM, from the inception of the project to the completion of a project, he exhibits commitment and responsibility. He makes client-focused decisions to deliver results. Because my schedule is often packed, MatrixPM is creative about keeping me informed of the projects while also triaging the detail to ensure he communicated the appropriate information so that I could make solid business decisions. MatrixPM invested the time and focus to understand me and my approach to managing projects and teams. MatrixPM is effective at managing cross-functional teams to develop and launch enterprise initiatives. When I ask MatrixPM to take on a project, I know that I can move on to other priorities and I am confident that he will drive projects to closure. MatrixPM is always sensitive to the budget and works within resource and project constraints. I can rely on MatrixPM to identify an issue and also bring resolution options to the table. 


Wesley Colvin, Assistant CIO, Riverside County

“Jeb is extraordinary on many accounts. He is energetic, resourceful, insightful, skillful and focused. He is without a doubt the best project manager and product manager I have encountered in my 37 years in business. JEB is also very flexible and adaptable to any culture and or business environment, having broad experience across a spectrum of companies, he would be an asset to any company lucky enough to secure his services. I give JEB my unqualified and highest endorsement as an individual and colleague.”


Will Branning, HR Generalist/Supervisor, Computer Sciences Corporation

“Jeb was well-respected as a manager and as an innovator. He was instrumental in leading the implementation of many improvements in processes. He was forthright and very cooperative in all of my dealings with him. I remember Jeb as someone who was positive and encouraging of others…” 


Mike Jones, IT Project Manager, AT Systems

“I had the pleasure of working with Jeb at AT Systems (later acquired by Garda) from 2005 to 2008, where, among his many duties, he led the company’s PMO. I started as a contract project manager and later hired on with Garda. I worked with Jeb on high-profile projects that I managed. I found Jeb’s support invaluable; on more than one occasion his guidance help avert serious issues with the projects, and his involvement supported the pragmatic application of project management principles to help the projects run smoothly. I actively sought his advice and support on these projects. I would gladly work with him again in the future.” 


Dave Jones, PMP, Manager, Project Implementation, AT Systems

“It was my good fortune to work with and report to Jeb over a four year period at AT Systems (now Garda USA Cash Logistics). Jeb played a key role in my development as a project manager, and spurred me to achieve my PMP certification. As a manager, Jeb always encourages people to continuously improve their knowledge and skill sets through work assignments, education, and professional certification. He also is quick to give credit where credit is due, which has been a rare occurrence in my career. As a business leader, Jeb has a tremendous knowledge of industry best practices in Project Management, Product Development, and Sales; and their real world applications. He is one of the best read people I have ever met. He keeps abreast of industry developments and shares that knowledge with management and peers to demonstrate the risks and rewards of either avoiding or implementing best practices. I also had the opportunity to observe Jeb’s skills in performing Root Cause Analysis to identify problem causes and solutions, as well as eliciting Customer Requirements through structured interviews. In both cases, Jeb spearheaded the development of critical information (direct impact on the bottom line) supporting a multi-million dollar product development program. I have no doubt Jeb would deliver similar results for any company that engaged him.” 


Clifford Moll, Chief Warrant Officer, U.S. Navy

“I first met Jeb when I reported to him aboard USS Bagley FF-1069 in 1981 where he functioned as the Repair Division Officer. As his leading repair technician, we rapidly established a solid professional relationship founded upon honor and duty to country as well as mutual respect for each others unique abilities and values. That working relationship ultimately resulted in our friendship which has lasted for these many years since. It is my position that when Jeb decided to leave the service following his tour of duty aboard USS Bagley, it was a genuine and profound loss for the Navy. From my unique vantage, through his accelerated and most significant qualification as a Surface Warfare Officer and his ability to establish and maintain successful relationships, I observed Jeb establish himself as an exemplary leader, not only for his subordinates, but also his peers. In fact, following the example that Jeb set for us, several years later I applied and was selected for my own performance-based commission as a Naval Officer. And today, I still enjoy Jeb’s steadfast and loyal friendship. Moreover, I admire him as a values-centered and performance-driven individual endowed with those rare qualities that enable people of his caliber to continuously achieve what we referred to in the Navy as “sustained superior performance.”  


Janet Cohen, COO Heinz School, Carnegie Mellon 

“I met Jeb while he was a student at Carnegie Mellon University’s Chief Information Officer Institute. His extraordinary intelligence, technical and managerial skills, flexibility, commitment to project, and personal integrity were obvious. He also brings enthusiasm and a sense of humor to any situation, so working with him is a very positive experience. Jeb would be a wonderful asset to any organization and he has my unqualified endorsement.”